bullying is like smoking , it can kill !

hey everyone ,

I hope everything’s going well . I’ve missed you so much and Y’ALL I’M FINALLY BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK !!! I’m super excited for this post , I wanted to do it since I started blogging but I always end up having other blog posts plans ! so , it’s time to talk more and more about BULLYING as you can tell by the title . all what I’m gonna say is really from my heart ! I hope y’all enjoy this post and let’s goooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!


bullying has become very popular lately . obviously , some people use it as joking and some others as teasing ! in both ways , bullying must be forbidden in any place around the world . bullying has drawbacks more than you can even imagine . it’s very common that the bullied one wouldn’t be able to handle all these threats , haressments and teasing on his conscience , so the only solution in front of him/her is to commit suicide ! and I saw lots of videos and I read lots of stories and most of them had ended up this way !


you may hate people whose not like you , you may tease them ..but always remember that they do have feelings , they cry and keep inside themselves . you should know the consequences of your actions . there’s nothing different between you and anyone you hate . in the end , all of us are humans.


I asked my myself , what’s the main reason behind bullying ? why do they bully ? is it fun ? maybe because of hatred ? maybe to act in a cool way ? I couldn’t find a convincing answer . is it that easy , teasing your classmates or friends and make fun of them in front of others , making them have inner conflict inside themselves , allowing them to think about committing suicide? is that really what will make you happy and proud of yourself ? it is really hard for the bullied ones … if you weren’t in their shoes before , you would never know how they’re feeling .


A bullying culture can develop in any context in which people interact with each other in school , workplace , home and neighborhoods . bullying can be verbal , physical , relational and cyber .


did you ask yourself before what do bullied ones feel ? I’ll tell you . they feel anxious , depressed , insecure , afraid , angry and nervous. mostly , they couldn’t concentrate in the class and they’re always thinking why is this happening to them . they usually end up in physical fights or arguments while trying to defend themselves , they regularly feel nervous to go to school and especially alone . they always avoid group situations and conversations , they spend a lot of time trying to figure out what to do or where to go to avoid these harassments and threats . they always think if their parents knew what’s happening , they’ll be worried and upset .


they’ll lose self-confidence and happiness until they know that they’re worth it and that they shouldn’t listen to other people’s opinion about them . until they notice that they’re beautiful just the way they are .   some kids who are bullied believe that it’s their fault , they think there’s something wrong with them and they’re worth picking on .

giphy (1).gif

we need to stop bullying ! when you see a bullied one or a new comer in your school, university , neighborhood ,workplace ,etc. try to talk to that person and make him/her feel good about themselves and make them feel loved . if they have some bad states in their personalities , maybe you should go and talk to them about these bad states and ask them to stop it because maybe this will hurt or bother someone .

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if you saw a bully , try to talk to him/her saying that this really hurts the bullied one and that this is really hard for him/her . maybe the bully will understand !  at that time , you should be really proud of yourself because you stopped this bad process .


write down in a piece of paper ” STOP BULLYING ” and stick it all around the place that you’re in . in the school , university , street , workplace , etc. I think that this one may work !! we need to do all what we can to stop bullying and to make people feel good about themselves .


don’t judge size , skin color (tone) , marital status , clothes , etc . because everyone is beautiful in her/his way . no one is better than the other , in the end all of us are humans and we do have feelings ; this is what we call equality .


maybe we should do a challenge ? can you challenge yourself ? well , let’s go more in details ! look , if you saw someone teasing the other in a very bad way , try to go into the conversation and stop it . tell the bullied one that there’s nothing wrong with him/her  and that everyone is beautiful just the way they are . I don’t know , but tell him/her anything that will make him/her feel good about themselves . I don’t know if this will do something , but I believe that by sharing this maybe we could save someone .


If you turn and face the other way when someone is being bullied, you might as well be the bully too. share and spread love among all your classmates or friends . we need to learn how to love each others , we need to learn that everyone is beautiful in their own way . we need to understand that all of us are humans and we do have feelings . we need to shout and scream and say ” STOP BULLYING ” WE CAN DO IT IF EVERYONE STARTS BY HIMSELF / HERSELF .

200_sgiphy (3).gif

we reached the end of this post , thank you so much for reading it !! I hope you enjoyed it. if anyone has an idea on how to stop bullying , please share it sown in the comments below.

love ,

A Brunette Blogger .. ❤


100 blog posts ideas !!!

hey there ,

I hope everything is going well . I’ve miss you SO MUCH girls ! as you can see , I’m back again with another Tuesday post ! as you can tell by the title , I’ll be giving you A 100
BLOG POSTS IDEAS  THAT YOU’LL ADMIRE , FASHION , BEAUTY AND LIFESTYLE ! I’m so excited for this post , and I really hope you like and find it helpful . know that I’m waiting for all your opinions down in the comments below . without anymore further ado because I’m super excited , LET’S GO AHEAD AND GET STARTED ❤


  1. how to style in different ways ? ( accessories , clothes , scarfs , capes , belt , etc..)
  2. fashion trends
  3. must haves for each season
  4. share your style , how you created it ?
  5. your favorite (shoes , coats , jeans , shirt , etc…)
  6. fashion event or a fashion week review
  7. your personal fashion wish list
  8. host a giveaway
  9. introduce a fashion trend
  10. your top (2,3,4,5) summer outfits
  11. your top (2,3,4,5)winter outfits
  12. your top (2,3,4,5) autumn outfits
  13. your top (2,3,4,5) spring outfits
  14. your favorite fashion blogs
  15. your favorite shops
  16. your workout ( gym ) outfit
  17. fashion rules and tips
  18. a fashion haul
  19. capture a few photos of your latest wardrobe additions and share it with your readers
  20.  a fashion DIY


  1. beauty travel essentials
  2. how to clean your brushes ?
  3. MOTD ( makeup of the day )
  4. favorite brands
  5. product you regret buying
  6. a product review
  7. your top 10 ( lipsticks , eyeshadows , powders , etc..)
  8. get ready with me
  9. your beauty inspirations
  10. skin care tips
  11. pamper routine
  12. your makeup routine
  13. your favorite makeup brushes
  14. tips for beginners
  15. what you’re literally loving
  16. products that you’re excited about
  17. share what you’ve bought with your readers
  18. your must haves
  19. what’s in your makeup bag
  20. favorite hair care products
  21. a haul
  22. host a giveaway
  23. how to do some hairstyles
  24. your beauty wishlist
  25. favorite nail polishes


  1. 10 things you probably didn’t know about me
  2. share a few emberassing stories
  3. my idea of a perfect day
  4. a day in my life
  5. a letter to a younger version of yourself
  6. why you started blogging ?
  7. blogging tips
  8. favorite phone apps
  9. favorite movies
  10. monthly favorites may favorites !
  11. life lesson that you’ve learnt
  12. birthday wishlist
  13. face your fears !
  14. share your biggest success
  15. Traveling tips and Traveling essentials !
  16. things to do in summer when you’re bored // collab
  17. favorite music playlist
  18. My bucket list !
  19. things you would save in a fire
  20. things you want to do before summer end
  21. talk about your dreams
  22. your favorite things to do when you’re bored
  23. talk about the things that scares you the most ( your fears )
  24. how to pack
  25. write a recipe post
  26. your favorite childhood memory
  27. Favorite quotes!
  28. make an interview
  29. your favorite restaurants
  30. your favorite blogs
  31. share your most epic failures and how did you overcome them
  32. No more stress / how to relax after a stressful day – collab
  33. my school day routine !
  34. your morning routine
  35. your bedtime routine
  36. ask your readers a question
  37. your top 10 TV series
  38. your favorite books
  39. host a giveaway
  40. what’s in my bag !
  41. share your fitness routine
  42. talk about your dream job
  43. things that makes me happy !
  44. 10 things I can’t live without !! // collab 
  45. participate in a challenge
  46. Q&A
  47. your favorite Youtube channels
  48. talk about your hobby
  49. what’s your favorite holiday and why ?
  50. visit a new coffee shop , take lots of pictures and write about them
  51. write about your weaknesses
  52. things you’ve learned from your mom and dad
  53. your favorite instagram / twitter accounts
  54. your favorite snacks recipes
  55. share life hacks that you know !
  56. X things that I’ve learned in X amount of years


BEAUTIES , I hope you enjoyed this post as I enjoyed it A LOT . make sure to comment down below your opinions and I’ll be really happy to read them all . also if you’ve done any of these posts before , leave the link down in the comments because I’ll check them all !! I hope you all had a great day .


  • one day or day one . YOU DECIDE 
  • stop looking for happiness in the same day you lost it
  • grow through what you go through 


things that makes me happy !

hello sweeties ,

I hope everything is going well . first of all , I apologize for not posting last week ; I was traveling and didn’t have enough time to write any blog post . but now , I’m back again with another saturday post , as you can tell by the title . I’ll be talking about the things that make me happy . I hope you find it interesting , and let’s go ahead and get started . 🙂

The whole purpose of life is happiness. All of us strive for it; work towards it and deep inside that it is the ultimate goal. Different people have different definitions of happiness but ultimately we all want it.

friends and family

having my friends and my family around me is the most beautiful thing ever . it’s very precious and priceless , seeing them around me , caring about me , taking care of me and hanging out together ! they’re best thing ever and I’m sure that you can relate to this !


traveling makes everyone happy ; especially me . traveling leaves me speechless and turns me into a story-teller . well , who doesn’t like traveling ? just seeing new places and new people makes me very happy !

helping others

helping anyone with anything makes me VERYYY happy ! it gives me a self-esteem boost , it makes me feel so thankful and pleased . I believe that when people see me helping others , they’ll be motivated to pay it forward and keep the cycle of happiness .


music is a main reason . especially when I find a music that I can absolutely relate to it . it makes me feel like that I’m not the only one , it gives me a self-esteem boost , it makes me the happiest one on earth. it’s true that music soothes the mind and gives it rest . MUSIC RECHARGES MY BATTERY .

diving into a book

the feeling that I got a new book with a new story or a book completing the previous virgin makes me so happy . like hey new book!  I’m so excited to read what’s inside you , I’m so excited to live in your story.


blogging is another reason to make me happy . writing the blog posts , waiting to see your opinion , chatting with amazing blogging friends and reading many blog posts . blogging became a very important thing in my life , like a part of my heart . it makes me share my thoughts and opinion with many amazing people and the most amazing part of it is that some bloggers can relate to my thoughts . you have to know that each one of you is pretty important . ❤ ❤ 


YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS ! surprises make me super-duper happy ! like hey ! you’re thinking about me ? and you did a surprise for me ? WOW !

being near to god

being near to god , Praying , reading QURAN makes me so thankful , grateful and pleased.

seeing the sunrise and the sunset

this is the most beautiful thing ! especially on the beach . sitting on the sand waiting for the sun to rise ,maybe listening to a calm music , looking to the sky and hearing the waves . haven’t you felt of an amazing positive energy when I talked about it , what if you do it ?


yeah yeah yeah , you read it right , FOOD ! who doesn’t like food ? who can’t relate that food makes anyone happy ? you know what ? especially chocolates , donuts , waffles , cakes , maybe even coffee and many other food .


YAAAS! who doesn’t like shopping ? NONE OF US . especially shopping with my best friends ! entering many shops , trying on many clothes , buying lots of stuff , holding the shopping bag and wearing the new clothes . isn’t it amazing ?

natural places

like gardens . sitting on the grass under a tree , holding the flowers , listening to the birds sound , looking at the palms . the amount of positive energy inside that place is uncountable ! it’s really amazing.

going to the beach

this is the main reason behind why I love traveling ! I love the beach , I love sitting on the sand , I love swimming in the sea , I love everything about it !

meditation / exercising

I don’t practice them a lot ; few times a week . but I really want to put them in everyday’s schedule . practicing meditation makes me more calm , happy , grateful , thankful and it gives me a self-esteem boost . exercising makes me more fit , improves my memory , improves my breathing , keeps me in a better posture , makes me feel sad and sick less often , it boosts my confidence and it feels like fun!

being the reason behind someone’s smile

I love seeing people smiling , I love being a reason behind someone’s happiness . yeah , it makes me so pleased !


swimming gives me a boost of positive energy . while I’m swimming , I think about throwing away all the negatives in my life and gaining the positive ones . it changes my bad mood to good one in seconds !

sadly , we reached the end of the post 😦 I enjoyed writing this post a lot , what about you ? I hope you enjoyed it and thank you so much for reading . also , I’ll be very happy to know if you can relate to some of these in the comments down below ❤ ❤

  • Some of the difficult moments in life is giving someone a hug when you need it the most. Fighting back the tears in your eyes to wipe off someone else’s tears. Listening to somebody’s grief when you want your pain to be heard. Being the reason for someone’s smile when your own smile is lost. To bless someone else while you are going through your own storm. To be the strong one, you know?
  • Being strong doesn’t mean you have to stay and fight all the battles and petty arguments that come your way. Being strong means you don’t have to stay and respond to rude remarks. Don’t retort by throwing insults back at them. It’s what they want. Keep your dignity and don’t lower yourself to their level. True strength is being adult enough to walk away from the nonsense with your head held high
  • Life isn’t meant to be easy, it’s meant to be lived. Sometimes good, other times rough. But with every up and down, you learn lessons that make you strong.
  • And once the storm is over, you won’t remember how you made it through, how you managed to survive. You won’t even be sure, whether the storm is really over. But one thing is certain. When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what this storm’s all about
  • Always believe that something wonderful is going to happen. Even with all the ups and downs, never take a day for granted. Cherish the little things and hug the ones you love.




Traveling tips and Traveling essentials ! <3 :)

hey sweeties ,

I hope everything is going well . I’m back again with another Saturday post , as you can tell by the title it’s about traveling in general . so If you’re having problems in packing up your bag and you usually forget some important stuff or if you have problems in dealing with people or anything that drives you mad , make sure to continue this post till the end and I hope you find it helpful and enjoy it . I’m super excited so let’s go ahead and get started .

traveling tips

patience , there’s always a way :

you have to be patient , don’t make anything drives you mad because life is too short to waste on being angry and these stuff . so if you miss your bus or forgot something ; it’s okay . if you were angry , nothing’s gonna change .

wake up early :

start the day from the begining , see the sunrise and how it’s beautiful . you’re going to notice a huge difference . wake up , take a shower and wear your cloths , wear makeup and do whatever you want then start your day with a super fresh start early in the morning , this is the best thing to do .

make sure to have extra money in your pocket or on your ATM card .

you don’t know the prices and you don’t know if you’re going to see something stunning and you will be super excited to buy it , so take extra money just in case . this will make you avoid being angry and bad.

make photocopies of important documents :

this is pretty important , you have to make sure that you have photocopies on your mobile or camera just in case . because you don’t know , maybe you will wake up one day and you won’t find ’em ? always try to be in the safe side of each situation .

make a list :

make a list of the things you want to do , the things you want to buy , the people you want to meet , the countries you wanna travel to , the towns that you wanna visit . always always make sure to list all what you want to do ’cause this will help you a lot . so that this won’t let you say ” I wish I had remembered to …. ” .

don’t forget to treat your body WELL

it’s hard to exercise if you’re always moving from one place to another but you have to manage your time . be nice to your body , don’t keep eating cup cakes and donuts . sleep well , stay hydrated use sunscreen , eat healthy and do your best to workout .

create memories and go on ADVENTURES / don’t be afraid :

always make these things that make you worried and anxious . ’cause this will make you CREATE MEMORIES and this is the most awesome thing about traveling . this will make anxiety fade away .don’t say I won’t do that ’cause your afraid and these stuff . NOOOOO do these things because you’re afraid of doing it , CONFIDENCE . you can do anything , nothing means you CAN’T.

say yes ( agree )

say yes to someone who invites you to meet their parents , say yes to unplanned and unexpected situations . this what adds a spice to your adventure . say YES and visit new breathtaking places . don’t be shocked because strangers are nice and kind to you when you travel .

take lots of photos and back them up :

capture every moment , capture every view . focus on flowers , sunrise and sunset . capture your breakfast , lunch and dinner . you have too many things to capture . but then you have to make sure to back them up ’cause this is pretty important . remember that at any time , you may lose ’em .

keep on open mind / smile and say hello :

don’t complain about each situation . don’t judge people’s lifestyle just because it’s different than yours . listen to opinions that you don’t agree with ; everyone has his own opinion . maybe you’re wrong ? you have to listen before you speak . always learn from other people and don’t complain too much .

observe daily life :

have a seat , take a deep breath . see what’s happening around you . pay attention to the details around you . the smell , people’s interactions , children , colors and sounds.it’s a kind of meditation , and you’ll notice things that you’ve never noticed them before .

last but not least , stay in touch :

after all that , don’t forget your family and friends . always stay in touch with them , give them some of your time . explain what you did , tell them about your adventures , tell them what you liked and hated the most . this really matters ’cause having your family and friends around you is very precious and priceless .

traveling essentials :

  1. books and magazines
  2. nail clippers and tweezers
  3. hair products ( hair spray , hair gel , oils )
  4. shampoo and conditioner
  5. mini mirror
  6. perfume
  7. swimsuit
  8. jewelry and accessories
  9. plastic bags
  10. cash , ATM card
  11. tooth brush and toothpaste
  12. makeup and makeup remover
  13. sunscreen
  14. lip bulm
  15. face cleanser
  16. deodorant
  17. comb and brush
  18. body lotion
  19. headphones
  20. hair dryer if you hotel doesn’t offer one
  21. changers for your phone , laptop and camera
  22. camera
  23. sunglasses
  24. slippers
  25. contact lenses or eyeglasses .

AND YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS !!! I hope you enjoyed this post . finally , we reached the end of it . tell me if you find it helpful or not in the comments down below . I’m looking forward to know if you can relate to these traveling essentials or not . thank you so much for reading !! ❤

what’s your favorite tip and what’s your most important traveling essentials ? make sure to comment them down below 🙂

love you so much , you guys are AMAZING . ❤ ❤ ❤

  • traveling leaves you speechless and turns you into a story teller .
  • don’t listen to what they say , go and SEE.
  • I’d rather have a passport full of stamps than a house full of stuff .
  • collect moments not things




things to do in summer when you’re bored // collab

hey cuties ,


I hope everything is going well . this post as you can tell by the title ; I’ll be giving you some SUPER AWESOME things to do when you’re bored in summer and it’s a collaboration with my thoughts blog . I hope you enjoy it and let’s go ahead and get started !

instead of just staying in bed , GET UP AND MAKE THESE SUPER AWESOME IDEAS , make weird and stupid things and create memories so let’s GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  1. make cute gifts to your bestfriends
  2. workout
  3. cook
  4. create a summer bucket list
  5. get a job
  6. try new hairstyles
  7. shop summer cutest trends
  8. watch a new TV series that you wanted to watch it but you haven’t got enough time
  9. go to the beach
  10. dive into a new book
  11. travel
  12. find out some healthy meals
  13. make DIY’S
  14. go hiking
  15. enjoy nature
  16.  learn a new language
  17. invite your friends
  18. have a pool party
  19. make a summer drink
  20. write a new blog post
  21. create your summer music playlist
  22. go on a picnic
  23. make DIY clothes
  24. nail art
  25.  make your own spa night
  26. know your hobbies

this list is very cool , so forget boredom and let’s fight it together ! I hope you enjoyed this post as I enjoyed it a lot , make sure to comment below your favorite ones to do from this list and if you have any suggestions also make sure to comment it down below so that I can also do .

don’t forget to check my thoughts blog post and here is her link    https://mythoughts398.wordpress.com/


  • the opposite of happiness isn’t sadness , it’s boredom




~ 15 reasons why you should exercise regularly !

hey everyone ,

I hope everything is going well . today’s post as you can tell by the title is about the 10 reasons why you should exercise regularly ! the struggle of exercising is real and very common , many people suffers from this struggle just because they want to have a better posture and also because they want to be healthy and stop STOP the habit of eating junk food too much so without any further ado , let’s go ahead and get started .

the 15 reasons are :

  1.  You’ll Just Be Happier

  2. You’ll Live Longer ( helps prevent diseases )

  3. You’ll Get Sick Less Often

  4. you’ll have more energy

  5. you’ll sleep better

  6. lowers anxiety

  7. you’ll boost your confidence

  8. you’ll have better posture ( controls weight )

  9. you’ll improve your memory

  10. strengthens and tones

  11. improves breathing

  12.  feels like fun

  13. builds intelligence

  14. enhance flexibility

  15. improves mood

SO IT’S CRYSTAL CLEAR THAT EXERCISING RECHARGES YOU BATTERIES , SO IT’S PRETTY IMPORTANT . as I mentioned above that the struggle of losing weight and being fit is real and very common , if you just practice exercising regularly and if you ate healthy then you’ll reach your goal . without suffering from hunger , all you need to be fit is just 70% eating healthy food and 30% exercising and you’ll reach your goal . don’t lose hope .

to be honest , I’m one of those girls who is suffering to lose weight and to be fit . I’m not fat and I’m not thin but we have to be a better virgin of ourselves so why don’t we work hard and reach our goal? I usually come up with many silly excuses in order not to workout and these stuff HHH ! but it end up like GO AHEAD GURL YOU WILL REACH YOUR GOAL , then I get up and start to workout. I really wanna reach my goal and I’m super excited .

SWEETIES , this post is a bit short , I AM SORRY . it ended up this way , if you want to know any further information about this topic ( losing weight and exercising ) you can just leave a comment down below and be sure that all your questions will be answered as soon as possible . ❤

Ramadan is over , I hope you had enjoyed this month and happy feast everyone ❤

thank you so much for reading lovelies !! xx

  • the best project you’ll ever work on is YOUUUU
  • to enjoy the glow of good health , you should exercise






Reasons to be happy // collab .

hey lovelies ,

I hope everything is going well . so for this post ; it’s a collaboration with the beautiful girly blogger . we’ll be talking about some reasons to be happy in your life and I’m going to link her by the end of this post so make sure to check it out . for now , let’s go ahead and get started !

the happiest people are the ones who practice and focus on loving life constantly along with having goals and making process towards them . because the more you focus on the good stuff , the more good stuff you find . when you feel like you hate your life and that your life SUCKS and that everything is going wrong ; remember that there’s always always ALWAYS something that’s going right . this is positivity ;  you have to look at the bright and positive side of each situation that happens to you .

  • There are people in your life who love you and depend on you.

who are the most important people in your life ? you would do anything for these people in order to make them happy right ? so this is the first reason to be happy , whatever happens to you , you have to remember that there are people who loves you unconditionally and would do anything to make you happy . so would you love it if these people saw you unhappy and miserable ? off course not .so choose the happiness for yourself and for those people who love you .

  •  Be happy because you are alive

Be thankful that you are still alive and well. Many people would have wished to be in your shoes, but they are not. No matter how unhappy, sick, tired or sad you are, remember you have one of the most precious gifts – your unique life! Instead of worrying about everything, you should start to notice and enjoy the present moment, be happy now that you are breathing and you are alive. Nobody has the power to determine the future. Choose happiness today, and enjoy every moment that you have. This is the best way to learn how to be happy.

  • By being happy you make the world a better place

Can you imagine a world full of unhappy, bitter and angry people? It would be the worst place to live in. Although the world has challenges, such as poverty, destruction and war , you need to be happy that you have survived these pitfalls. You should always tell yourself ‘I chose to be happy, no matter the circumstances.’

  • What about all your achievements?

Look at your life and congratulate yourself on the many positive things that you have already achieved and accomplished, this will make you feel good and will motivate you for further adventures and accomplishments

  • Someone smiled at you today

so you were the reason behind someone’s smile , you were the reason behind someone’s happiness . isn’t this makes you happy ? a least a bit ? I believe that it makes you happy as it makes me too .

  • There’s something you can do better than anyone

everyone can do something better that another one , everyone has his own skills which allows him/her to accomplish something better than others . so this is an awesome thing , this is a huge reason to be happy .

  1. There’s a solid roof over your head and it’s not raining on you.

  2. You had fresh, clean, fabulous clothes to wear this morning.

  3. Something you’ve been wanting just happened.

  4. You smiled at someone and made their day.

  5. You said no and meant it this time.

  6. You made a brave decision.

  7. You are an angel to someone.

  8. Flowers are beautiful.

  9. Rainbows make you happy.

  10. You love shooting stars.

  11. You’re smiling right now 🙂 And you look damn cute!

  12. You define success on your own terms.

  13. You’re stronger than you ever believed.

  14. You believed in yourself when no one else did.

  15. You believed in someone else when no one else did.

  16. Someone believed in you when you needed it most.

  17. You’ve profoundly impacted someone’s life.

  18. Maybe even saved one. Knowingly or not.

  19. You matter. Deeply. Hugely.

  20. You have goals and dreams.

  21. Some of them have come true.

  22. Others are on their way.

  23. Nutella.

  24. You’ve travelled somewhere and had an amazing experience

  25. You have friends.

  26. You can see.

  27. Smell.

  28. Feel.

  29. Touch.

  30. Hear.

  31. Walk.

  32. Run.

  33. A star is waiting for you to name it.

and yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay ! I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you find it helpful . I’ve enjoyed this collaboration a lot , what about youu ? what’s the most thing that makes you happy ? make sure to comment it down below ! don’t forget to check girly blogger’s post and here is her link    https://girlybloggerweb.wordpress.com/   !

thank you so much for reading ❤ ❤

  • don’t cry because it’s over , smile because it happened
  • for every minutes you’re angry , you lose 60 seconds of being happy